Spring Cleaning Made Easy in 3 Steps

Spring Cleaning Made Easy in 3 Steps

Well, it’s that time of year again. Skies are clearing, flowers are blooming and sunny spring is in the air. It always feels invigorating to step outdoors and find balmy weather after months of shutting in during the winter. All the sunshine, fresh air and warmth create the perfect inspiration to take on everyone’s not so favorite chore – spring cleaning. As tedious as it may seem, spring cleaning happens to be a critical component of health and wellness. Spring cleaning provides an opportunity to practice hygiene that is otherwise neglected because of difficulty or lack of time. Spending time in environments that are never spring-cleaned exposes people to dust and debris. At best, all this dust and debris is unpleasant to see, at worst however, it may cause health complications or even injury.


Rather than thinking about spring cleaning as an ordinary chore, think of it as an investment in your health. Living and working in an organized and spotless environment contributes to efficient ergonomics and reduces frustration. In this sense, spring cleaning is a habit which stands to increase productivity and lower stress. For those who don’t know where to start in terms of actually going about this task, here are a few tips on how to get the most out of your effort to spring clean:

Make a List

A lot of people start out spring cleaning with the best of intentions, but get overwhelmed along the way and give up on doing a thorough job. One of the reasons this happens is because of a lack of strategy in their approach. Taking some time to itemize exactly what it is that needs cleaning creates better awareness of exactly how much work is necessary, and how long it will take. Depending on how big a space you need to clean, it may even be necessary to get help from friends, family or professional cleaners. Instead of just diving in, plan out your procedure so as to save time in the long run.

Stock up on all Cleaning Supplies Pre-emptively

Nothing disrupts the momentum of spring cleaning quite like running out of necessary supplies before the job is done. Even before committing to the chore itself, make sure to have enough detergents, equipment and miscellaneous items necessary to complete each task involved. Since spring cleaning includes elimination of persistent dirt and stains, it’s generally necessary to purchase supplies that aren’t routinely used such as heavy-duty gloves, brushes, face masks, or specialized cleaning solutions. Preparing adequately makes the job seamless and effective.

Save the Easiest Chores for Last

Being strategic is the swiftest way to get the activity of spring cleaning completed. Because you are likelier to be determined and energized at the beginning of the task, this would be the best time to take on ambitious cleaning projects in order to take full advantage of your enthusiasm. Getting heavy-duty tasks out of the way first also increases the chances that whatever needs cleaning the most gets cleaned meticulously. It’s important to pace yourself throughout, and saving the easiest chores for last creates more of a guarantee that the majority of your energy gets used on things that actually need exertion.

With these three easy steps accounted for, all that’s left to do is use a little elbow grease. Even though spring cleaning is something that can take hours and days, at its core it’s not complicated at all. At the end of the day it’s a matter of wanting the best for yourself and being willing to put in work to make sure that your surroundings are fresh whether you are outdoors or not.


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Transform Your Life…RISE!

rise programs



The Mission of RISE Programs is to equip and empower people through support and information that leads to transformation. In one word EDUCATION. RISE Programs believes that education is vital part of life because it gives people the practical skills and tools they need to navigate the world and be victorious in whatever life throws at them. Education increases a person’s chances of having a healthy, happy, successful and significant life.


At RISE Programs our Vision is to empower people personally and/or professionally to RISE to their full potential. Our RISE experts have created powerful programs that will enhance and advance your dreams, goals, gifts, strengths and talents. Our vision is to transform lives and set people up for success in whatever they are doing.

Experience RISE

RISE brings together a unique set of experiences, from a successful business entrepreneur that has built the largest company in its industry to a long time personal transformational expert that has equipped thousands of leaders in over 22 nations! We have a team of experts that can help your business grow. We know you care, so we will take care!.

Meet the founders

Adriana Gallardo

Adriana Gallardo

  • Adriana Gallardo is one of Southern California’s most successful business women. As the mastermind behind Adriana’s Insurance, an empire consisting of over 60 offices, Adriana is a symbol of leadership…
    Richard Martinez is a recognized leader in the world of coaching, entrepreneur in the business of physical and emotional health, and now one of the leading specialists of one of the most talked about shows…


Contact RISE:

Address: 1340 E Rte 66 #206, Glendora, CA 91740




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You never really know what an experience is actually is like, of course, until you go through it yourself. This principle rings true especially when it comes to parenting. Having children is a life-changer that affects everyone in their own unique way. I recently read about Beyoncé and Jay Z revealing news about them having twins. This caught my attention because I personally have twins who are now 10 years old. Even though Beyoncé and Jay Z already have one daughter, I think even they would be surprised to discover that raising twins is a totally different story and experience.

Yes, raising children is darn hard work, but worth the journey. The bottom line is that every child is different. They are different from other people’s children, and they are different from their own siblings. So trying to raise them like all other children can result in frustration for you as well as the child.

Having difficulty with your kids?

Disconnection is usually the culprit behind conflicts experienced between parents and children. Connection with your children is important for so many reasons, the biggest being LOVE.

Let’s rethink the way we are raising and training our children. Let’s rethink how to love them in the discipline department. Do mistakes and failures always need to be punished? The parenting model that flows from this mindset presents a “punisher” role for the parent and creates an “outside-in” approach to learning about life for the child. This causes disconnection rather than connection. The goal is to love, and that can only happen through heart-to-heart connection.

Too often we punish and try to control our children out of our own fears and insecurities. When children grow up in an environment where their parents are afraid of mistakes, they learn to fear failure. I myself struggled with this for a long time. Because of the way I grew up, I never felt good enough and felt like a disappointment all the time. An environment of fear and intimidation does just that, it causes disconnect and excessive apprehensiveness over failure.

We should never apply methods of dealing with our kids that build fear instead of love. They are kids! Our children are mistake-makers. They don’t know what you know and haven’t experienced what you have experienced, so be patient with them. They are all on a learning journey just like us. When we become afraid of their mistakes, anxiety begins to control our responses to them and fear becomes the teacher in the home. This is how intimidation has become the main parenting tool for many parents. Using various levels of intimidation, we seek to control them in order to make ourselves feel like “good parents” that have robots kids.

Do you really want fear teaching your children?

We must learn to raise our children from the inside-out, through love, to produce freedom. We should aspire to empower our kids rather than make them afraid to fail. We must develop core values in them and not fears of failure. If we train them in fear, they will only “obey” when we are present. The moment we leave the room, that very obedience will disappear and they will make any impulsive decision they want. This is why we must develop core values within them. When core values are communicated routinely, our children begin to manifest them out of instinct whether we are there or not.

Here are 10 Foundational Parenting Principles

  1. LOVE is ALWAYS the Goal: A parent’s ultimate goal is to equip their children with the ability to healthily give and receive love. It is extremely important that people learn from a young age how to give love to themselves, and others, affectionately. Wise parents will model and teach skills on how to give and receive love. Parents should exemplify greatness in this regard because our lives and actions define so much in children’s developing minds.
  2. Connection and Attention: Many children are love-starved because although their parents are around much of the time, they never really get the attention they need. It is better to spend smaller amounts of quality time with our children without distractions rather than lots of time when we are preoccupied with other activities. Learn to “tune in” to your children at all ages, especially since they go through different seasons having different needs.
  3. A Respect for Obedience and Authority: To be successful in life children must learn to be successful in relationships because life revolves around relationships. We must equip our children to respect the rights and needs of others. All relationships require giving, as well as receiving. Positive parenting denotes that parents be good authority figures for their children. Having a friendship is great, but the positive parental roles of nurturing, supporting, and wise counsel are never truly finished.
  4. Personal Responsibility and Consequences for Actions: Equip your children to make decisions and to take responsibility for their actions. They need to learn that they have the power to make things happen. They need the knowledge to respond to any situation, or be responsible. They also need to know about consequences. As strong authorities in the home, parents must reward good behavior fairly, or deliver discipline swiftly. Children’s behavior and choices must be made to preset rules, responsibilities and limits. A well-managed system of responsibility and consequences creates harmony in the home whereby everyone knows their roles. Again, this should all come from a place of LOVE. Discipline exists to shine light on any areas of weakness and it empowers children to rise up to their true potential.
  5. Security, Consequences, and Self-Esteem: Most children have a deep desire for social approval. This desire informs the development of their identity and purpose. This is why it’s important for parents to express their children’s value out loud to them often. Tell them about their gifts and abilities. Tell them about their potential, and tell them about their possibilities. Call out their greatness! Self-Esteem is a result of a sense of personal self-worth and achievement. Great parents let their children know they are loved unconditionally for who they are, not what they do.
  6. Creative Individuality: Every human being is unique. Even my own kids who are twins are totally different! Ha!  Lazy parents sometimes try to cut corners and treat every child alike. But we must realize that each child has their own strengths and weaknesses. We as parents must be wise and help cultivate their strengths and create a platform for them to shine.
  7. Modeling & Transparency: In case you haven’t noticed, “Don’t do as I do, do as I say,” doesn’t work. Positive and effective parenting requires that we actively practice everything we expect from our kids. You expect them to eat healthy? You better eat healthy! Don’t want your kids cursing? Then don’t curse. Kids learn more from our actions than our words. Along with modeling honesty, projecting openness is also important. Many parents try to hide behind their authority rather than being humble, honest and open with their kids. Transparency is essential for the development of intimate, close and bonded relationships of love and respect.
  8. Need-Fulfillment: Don’t use your kids for your own personal need-fulfillment. They are not toys or pets, they are people! Our job is to encourage the growth of a well-developed, productive, secure, independent, sociable, and responsible adult. If we as parents have unfulfilled emotional needs, we had better go get help and get healed; not take it out on or project that onto our children.
  9. Be Flexible: Parents must learn to develop their kids’ creative potential. As children grow, they change. Good parents are sensitive and flexible to their children’s growth stages. Great parents respond to and encourage growth rather than “reacting” to it. Get a plan to be flexible as they grow because having a plan helps you respond and not react.
  10. Hard Work: Positive parenting is both a need and a calling. There are few things as negative and as painful as having failed as a parent. Likewise there are few things as satisfying and fulfilling as having succeeded as one.

May you grow in your parenting because it truly is one of the most important jobs in the world!

Richard Martinez 

Transformational Expert

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Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff…And It’s All Small Stuff

Author: Richard Carlson, PH.D

I really like about this book is how easy it is to read. Although Dr. Carlson is a PhD, he doesn’t write in such a way to sound more scholarly but rather very practical. The book gives simple ways to keep the little things from overtaking our lives and each chapter is no more than three pages at the most. Because it’s small and has many pearls of wisdom I recommendation is to keep this book in your car, by your toilet, at work in your drawer, or in your bag. You can easily pull it out when you need a few minutes to recharge and get your mind right.

There are hundreds of tips but here are ten to give you an idea.

  1. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
  2. Let go the idea that gentle, relaxed people can’t be super achievers.
  3. Don’t interrupt others or finish their sentences.
  4. Learn to live in the present moment.
  5. Become a better listener.
  6. Choose your battles wisely.
  7. Remember that everything has God’s fingerprints on it.
  8. Practice ignoring your negative thoughts.
  9. Take up Yoga.
  10. Mind your own business.

This inspiring book tells us literally NOT TO SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF and to stop the things that slow our progress in attaining a life free from stress.

Richard Martinez

Transformation Expert

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Are you in those stages where you explode for everything?

Suddenly you realize that you are bad all the time, do not get along with your family, your children and much less with yourself?

The worst thing is that you try to look good with everything and everyone but always look bad?

And you definitely feel stuck, you feel with all the flaws of the world and there is nothing in the world that makes you happy?

Much to think about … but mostly many attempts all the time, trying to be and not to be.

It is thought that the strong person is the one who falls, gets up, falls and gets up and puts his happy face back. And I’m afraid to tell you that no, a strong person is the one who falls back on what he is doing wrong, makes him conscious and does everything not to repeat it again. Experience a new way of life, of being.

That’s why I want to talk to you about self-control. Self-control is to live a life with conscience, is to know where you are going … It does not mean that you will not cry or explode, the difference is knowing why you are doing it.

This theme can be applied to all parts of your life, what I will share is a great truth no matter where they live, the age they have or the success obtained so far, this applies to everyone and affects everyone , To get to live with conscience applied what I call “The 5 Laws of Life”, in fact you live with them every day, they are part of your life and I will name them: abundance, free will, integration , Transformation and influence.

To illustrate how these five laws work, which many people have tried to understand, I will share them so that “you” begin to live using them and thus obtain great benefits from them, this will transform your life and you will be ready to get everything you want.

At present we are full of correct information? In fact we have more information than we need in our hands, our phones are small computers that give us access to more information than we will ever use in our lives; Therefore, you have an abundance of information but here comes the good, you have the will or free will to choose what and from that information you are going to give it your attention.

This is where you begin to be aware because you have the power to choose what information you are going to integrate into your life and your beliefs, since that is gradually transforming you with a positive or negative course depending on how good or bad the information is That you choose to integrate into your life.

This begins to transform the world around you, it will become a part of who you are and what you are going to be sowing around you. Something clear in what you can identify what I am naming you is in the food; There is a lot of food on the market and you have to be aware and be careful when using your free choice to acquire what is good for the body and health, observe what there is in food and you will know what you are Putting on your body, you have to be selective and be in full consciousness.

Learn to keep yourself through selecting what you carry to your body and your mind, because believe me that will come to transform you and have a great impact on the way you live, food affects our energy, mood, health and thought … ponder As healthy foods will transform your physical, strength, energy and joy.

When you begin to be more aware of yourself and around you, you will stop feeling depressed, unhappy, believing that everything is bad around you. You will realize how wonderful the world she is and everything that exists in your hands to reach it.

Remember that the power is in you.

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Our thoughts have creative power, which makes it vital to become more intentional with our thinking in order to create the life we want to live. Our thoughts and feelings are powerful, dynamic forces that influence every aspect of our lives. They have a major impact on either the health or disease of our body and mind.

How we think and feel about ourselves is what we become. Whether we realize it or not, our consciousness and unconscious attitudes (belief systems) and feelings (emotions) profoundly affect the cells, tissues and organs of our physical bodies, as well as the conditions we experience in the world around us.

When we change the way we think, we change our life experience. When we change our attitudes towards others, their attitudes towards us change.

Positive and healthy attitudes or emotions allow the vital life force to circulate freely throughout the body/mind system. Negative attitudes or emotions create toxic chemical molecules that rob, kill and destroy the flow of life. A negative attitude eventually lowers one’s immunity and vitality, and makes the body more susceptible to pain, injury or disease.

Unresolved anger, irritations, resentment, fear, guilt and lack of forgiveness are the sources of most illnesses, and must be released. These conditions are highly poisonous to the human system.

Once we recognize and learn to release the negative attitudes that inhibit our expression of being conscious, we then remove the root causes of our disease. In this way, symptoms will fade away and we will establish permanent healing.

Richard Martinez

Transformational Expert

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The Tools

Author: Phil Stutz & Barry Michels

This was an interesting read. I found it to be a good perspective-changer on dealing with pain and problems. Aside from some of the spiritual principles expressed in the book, I really enjoyed it and thought it was a worthwhile book overall.

Jungian psychology being a practical approach, Ellis’ Rational Emotive adds a Behavioral Therapy perspective to the subject matter. Psychiatrist Phil Stutz and Psychotherapist Barry Michels help clients suffering from depression, anxiety, insecurities, past hurt or difficult problems find innovative and spiritual solutions to their struggles. Considering the fact that all of this expertise is combined in the book, it starts to become clear why it provides some great change of perspective on self-discovery. The authors combined positive thinking, positive actions, and spirituality into their formula. What I really like is how they communicate that the foundation for its success is ultimately in the hands of the clients. The key is in their own willingness, perseverance, determination and dedication to apply these principles every time and in every area of their lives. I loved reading this part because that is a core belief we have at RISE Programs. We believe that the power is within you!

The authors provide the problems and tools to overcome these summarized problems:


  1. Moving Away or Avoiding Pain
  2. Unrealistic and Untrue Negative Belief Systems
  3. Insecurities based on Assumptions
  4. Negative Thinking


  1. Reversal of Desire
  2. Active Love
  3. Inner Authority
  4. The Grateful Flow
  5. Jeopardy

Richard Martinez

Trasformation Expert


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