Boundaries in Marriage

Author: Henry Cloud

If you are married or planning on getting married in the future this book is a must read.  I would recommend you have an extra copy to have ready to give away also because it’s a great tool. To me it gives a great balanced definition of what love is and looks like in a relationship. Love isn’t just hugs and good feelings, love sometimes is telling the uncomfortable truth or standing your ground.

This book challenges the reader to take their power of happiness and peace into their own hands and not blame or make excuses. It shares how to remain firm yet respectful by setting boundaries. These boundaries are not selfish but rather see the bigger long term pictures and protects the relationship as a whole so both sides can be themselves and free in the relationship.

This book gives scriptural backing to its’ principles but religions is definitely not the focus, rather it’s on the relationship. It takes our complex emotions and gives simple and practical examples and explanations.

Henry Cloud has a series of Boundaries book and so far everyone I have read has bee a great read with real examples and solutions.

Richard Martinez
Transformation Expert